US Stock Market: Tobacco maker Philip Morris jumped 7% to cancel merger talks with Altria

Prior to Wednesday’s session, the futures of the US stock indices dropped slightly. In addition to the uncertain political situation in the United States, Trump’s speech on Iran and trade at the UN General Assembly has also raised market concerns.美股盘前:烟草商菲利普莫里斯大涨7% 取消与奥驰亚的合并谈判

Nancy Pelosi, President of the House of Representatives, announced on Tuesday that she would launch an impeachment investigation into President Trump, but because impeachment requires the approval of a two -thirds majority in the Republican Senate -controlled before it can take effect, Trump is less likely to be impeached.

Within a few days, three Fed officials will make speeches. In recent days, global economic data has been generally unsatisfactory and investors must pay close attention to the views of the three officials on the economic situation.

The day before, US stocks were closed, with Dow down 0.53%, S &P 500 down 0.84%, and Nasdaq down 1.46%.

Starting from 20:10 Beijing Time (08:10 a.m. Eastern Time), British showed that S &P 500 index futures has fallen 3.37 points or about 0.11% to 2966.88; the future Dow has fallen 26 or about 0.1%, to 26792.0; Nasdaq 100 index futures has fallen 16.75 points or about 0.22%, to 7718.50.50

Frontal stocks

Amazon holds its annual hardware conference and plans to launch healthy devices to wear
Amazon will hold a hardware conference at its headquarters in Seattle at 1m Beijing the next hour. Amazon should launch a range of new products based on Alxa and Echo ecosystems, as well as an earpiece that tracks distance, steps and calorie consumption for less than $100.

In addition, Amazon has purchased INLT, a technology startup specializing in cost management and customs software, according to Reuters. The deal is intended to improve the convenience of companies based in Amazon by exporting goods to the United States. Before the negotiation, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) increased 0.02%.

Best Buy has increased its growth of operating profit and plans to cut another billion dollars in costs
On Wednesday’s semi -annual Investor Day, Best Buy, an electronic retailer in the United States, had predicted that operating profit s would increase from 5% to 2025, up to 4.6% last year, According to the non -GAAP.Best Buy also said it would cut another billion dollars. He said that our new blu e strategy was right and working. The new blu e strategy is Best Buy’s strategy to reverse the decline of Best Buy by reducing costs and expanding sales.

Also, Corrie Barry said he was ready to expand his health care business. Best Buy’s decision to access health care was strongly supported by analysts Morgan Stanley earlier this week. Best Buy revenue from $11 billion to $46 billion short term. Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) Rose 1.57% before the session.

Philip Morris skipped 7%, canceling the merger talks with Altria
Philip Morris, the largest tobacco company in the world, announced the cancellation of the merger talks with Altria Group, CNBC reported. In the last two months, Altria Group, which has a minority stake in the electronic cigarette company Juul Labs, has seen its Share price decrease as the number of deaths and diseases caused by electronic cigarettes has increased. Prior to the session, Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) rose 7.34%, while Altria Group (NYSE: MO) rose 3.44%.

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