U.S. Stock Opening | NIO.US fell by nearly 2%.

On Wednesday, the three main U.S. stocks opened higher, with the S &P 500 index rising from 0.06% to 2968.25; the Nasdaq index rising from 0.01% to 7993.80; and the Dow Jones index rising from 0.22% to 26865.86.

News on actions

Nike (NKE.US) increased the 5.23 per cent after the US closed on Tuesday, and released its first results for the fiscal year 2020. The report shows that during the period the company’s revenues increased from 7.1% to $10.7 billion of a year earlier. per share is $0.86, and revenue and earnings per share are expected from supermarkets.

Philip Morris (PM.US) pink 8.45% and Altria (MO.US) pink 1.72%. According to market news, Philip Morris, the largest tobacco company in the world, announced the cancellation of the merger negotiations with Altria Group.


AVGO! The US dropped 3.43 per cent after announcing that it would publicly issue $3 billion in preferred convertible shares and subsidy subscribers an additional option of thirty days $450 million.

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