Opening of US Stocks: US Stocks Open Small and High Netease will be listed in the United States as soon as three days later

The three main US stock indices opened slightly higher on Friday.S &P 500 pink 6.60 points, or 0.22%, to 2984.24 on Friday, September 27; the Nasdaq pink index 13.70 points, or 0.17%, to 8044.38 on Friday, September 27; and the Dow Jones pink index 63.30 points, or 0.24%, to 26954.37 on Friday, September 27.

As demand for money increases year after year, Many well -known financial institutions expect the Federal Reserve to reboot its budget in order to provide an adequate monetary offer to the financial markets. Bank of America predicts that the Fed will have to buy about 150 billion assets each year to meet market demand The President of the Federal Reserve, Powell, had previously stated in a press conference after the September monetary policy meeting that he would review the question of when to expand the budget, and that the time to expand the budget could be earlier than expected.

The CPE price index just published in August of the United States is in line with expectations and personal expenditure in August is not up to expectations. suggesting that the main engine of growth in the US economy was slowing down after a strong acceleration in the second quarter.

European stock markets have increased collectively, with Germany’s DAX index declining 0.90%, Britain’s FTSE 100 index falling 1.06% and France’s CAC 40 index falling 0.26% at the time of publication.

Crude Brent fell 1.83% to $61.55 a barrel, raw WTI fell 1.72% to $55.40 a barrel.

The dry gold fell more than 1% in the day to $1489 per gram.

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1. The United States Commission on International Trade has launched two 337 investigations into semiconductor products.

2. Gartner expects smartphone sales to decrease 3.2% during the year, the biggest annual decrease ever recorded.

Morgan Morgan: The Fed should buy $315 billion US Treasury bonds in six months.

Four. The latest Census Office data show that the gap between the richest and poorest families in the United States is now the largest in the last fifty years, despite a mid -2018 income record.

Five. Federal Reserve Huck: Personally, I believe that interest rates should remain unchanged.

Six. Consumer spending has just increased in August, suggesting that the main growth engine in the US economy is slowing down after a strong acceleration in the second quarter.

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