Overnight U.S. stocks fell, with NIO.US falling more than 20%.

On Tuesday, US President Trump may have been pushed, and the consumer confidence index in the United States has weakened. Stocks in the United States opened higher and dropped, with a collective decline in the middle. After recovering some losses, the late market decreased again.

At the end of the day, the S &G P 500 index had fallen 25.20 points, or 0.84%, to 2966.62; the Na index had fallen 118.80 points, or 1.46%, to 7993.63; and the Dow had fallen 141.70 points, or 0.53%, to 26808.31.

On the news, Nancy Pelosi, spokesperson for the House of Representatives of the United States, He said when he asked about the impeachment process against the President that he would make a statement after meeting democratic leaders and the chairman of the House Committee late Tuesday.

Willie Delwicki, a stock strategist, said, “I think the news of impeachment has shaped the trend of the American stock market. There is no need for a special comment on the president’s impeachment, but it will bring more uncertainty to the market, which has already faced an uncertain future such as changes in trade relations and the forthcoming general elections in 2020.

In addition, from September 24 to September 30, the 74th United Nations General Assembly will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States. Addressing the tense confrontation between the United States and Iran will be one of the most important topics of this session.

In September 23, the local time, French Foreign Minister Jean -Ive Lederon said in the United States that his main goal at this week’s General Assembly meeting was to ease tensions between the United States and Iran.” He also believed that the attack on the Saudi oil company was a turning point in changing the situation in the Middle East.

Goldman Sachs (GS.US) closed about 2.7%, Citigroup (C.US) and Morgan Stanley (MS.US) also dropped more than 2%, NYSE FANG +index fell 3.3%, Tesla (TSLA.US) closed about 7.5%, TWTR.US and NFLX.US have closed more than 4%, Amazon (AMZN.US) has fallen more than 2, Google%, Google (GO.US) has fallen more than 1%.

Most of the chip stocks in the United States have fallen, with US AMD falling more than 3.5%, MU. US, INTC. USA, WDC. USA falling more than 2%, and MCHP. USA falling more than 1%.

With Bitcoin’s continued decline, the concept of stocks of US block chains fell collectively, Riot Blockchain (RIOT.US) fell by about 5%, and Marathon Patent Group (MARA.US) by more than 4%.

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